Yuumi had better get some weak scalings

After looking at the new champion she seems to be quite fun to play and all. It's just that her w has me really worried. I don't want to say she's bad before having a good look at her in game. Still I can't help but wonder how balanced her gameplay will be. A support that can share stats with any teammate, slow, heal, speed up and root while being very hard to remove from the map seems strong, though I believe that is fine. What would not be fine is her suddenly going full ap, hooking up to a tank and launching her Q's during teamfights while healing up her "steed" for a ton. So I guess I'm just really hopint that her scalings are Kind of bad and this Experiment doesn't end up overpowered and impossible to play against, because the idea is really interesting. Let's see what the coming days bring. ps. from the Video on the Client right now it's hard to say whether she still gets hit by aoe or not. If that is the case then I believe this whole Problem doesn't exist anymore since she could actually be taken care of easily.
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