Autofill and secondary role should be removed

Every game in diamond is full of autofills everygame, 5-6 autofills and its really a contest of luck. Who gets more secondary roles and autofills. Everyone has 1min queue instead of 10 if we didnt have autofill and secondary roles, the queues would be 5-10 minutes but the quality would be so amazing. And ofc if you play 2 roles or more u can play them. But this system where everyone is forced to play offrole alot is so bad for matchmaking league in general, Cuz you just lose in champ select when for example u get autofill jungle, and bot is lost if u autofill support. I think everyone in diamond would rather wait 10-15 minutes to get their MAIN role rather than 1 min and everyone offrole, the quality would be soooo much better. And not having to open mid everytime u get autofill ppl in ur team. If you want elo in diamond u gotta dodge so hard like 3 times aday nowadays. So yeah i think 90% of diamond players would like this system where everyone gets the role that they want, so riot should really implement it.
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