I remeber now why i quit trying to climb and why i quit league a few years ago.

Today and yesterday all my games have been bad to say the least. Last game my toplaner ( yasuo kid ofcource) died 5 times before minute 8 ending the game with 3/18 the game before that my jungler (yi) feeds and refuses to gank, same game my adc refuse to team fight and only go's 1 v 5. oh and garen did more damage then the adc lol the game before that my botlane losses turret after 8 minutes, needless to say game was lost. 2 games before that adc 2/8 and support 1/9 jungler 5/11 game lost after 30 minutes I could go on for a while cause thats how its been for 2 and a half days now. Can some challenger smurf plz come tell me how i suck and its all my fault i loose my games and that when i do win its because i get carried lol. yes im pissed off right now
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