Can we do something to Tryndamere?

I've seen him soo much lately and every time he somehow ends up having bucket full of kills... He's becoming so annoying to face... My suggestions to his changes(note: not all have to be applied): - reduce the slow's duration time, four seconds for someone like him is way too much. - reduce ultimate duration from 5 seconds to 3 seconds or make it so that he can't cast it when under heavy CC. Every time he gets back to lane or a fight, it's up. - reduce his free AD gain. If he gains free flat AD, why should he also gain AD per health missing? - give spin higher cooldown, or remove the "critical strikes reduce cooldown by 2 seconds" part. Right now he does Spin, AA, AA, AA, spin and repeat. Yes, you could "kite" him, or "heavy-CC" but what's the point if he can then just trigger his ultimate, be unkillable for 5 seconds and delete your team in few hits and spins.
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