Why do we have to click"Lock in" in ranked?

I can't remember exactly when this change happened, I've only recently returned to League, But what I noticed while playing with a few friends in ranked is that you have to "lock in" the champ you're gonna play; if you don't, you and your party will exit the game and have to wait 5 min. in next queue. It's essentially the same thing as queuedodging. Because you also now only have 30 seconds to decide which champ you're gonna play, (I recall we've had way more time before to decide) and because you have to think while picking, or maybe change your masteries a bit due to the surprising elements that is ban and pick phase, you often end up using as much time as you have. Back in my day when I was most active in League, your pick was automatically locked in if you were idling until the time ran out. I don't really see the purpose of having to "lock in" except pissing people off who are used to not having to click "lock in" due to scheming and fixing stuff, like masteries. I also remember rito promoting going over strategies with your team in chat, which you don't simply have time to do now. Lane matchups etc. changes solely on what the enemy picks, and depending on what that might be (there's like 129 champs currently, in soloq and in lower elo you can expect anything from my experience) you might have to change strategy, or reconsider which champ to pick in the teamcomp. Anyhow, I feel like it's fucking retarded to get a 30 min queue penalty for not clicking on a stupid button. I know a lot of active players who feel the same and get penalties due to waiting the time out. Now some people who don't have any problem with this might just say that people that do need to start paying more attention, and perhaps that's just what they need to do, but I feel like there's a point missing in changing this and punishing players used to more time to consider what champ they wanna play and not having to click lock in, and then giving them queuepenalties. I really don't get what this change brings to the table than pissed off people writing such things as these, and the lockin currently doesn't give any fucking impact at all in the first place, other than denying games cause people like me who are a little slower in the head need to think more, or just adjust our shit cause some tryhard picked Galio or some bs like that. I actually buy this whole concept, even though I don't see the point in it, but if rito decide it's gonna be like this, and they have legitimate grounds in having it this way (I'd really like to know why) I can buy it, but if it's gonna be this way, they can atleast stop giving these damn queuepenalties. Thank you for reading, Response is very much appreciated.
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