I like toplane but I can't even play before we lose the game

hey, Im plat 3 (just dropped xd) and I really like toplane, but I don't know how to climb playing it. I can't even play the game, I get out of lane 1-1, 2-1 or something like that and my botlane is 1-9. I mean, I can't even tp botlane because they are being giga stomped, what the hell I have to do for climbing playing this lane, can someone d4+ main toplane tell me please? I'm tired of drop from p2 over and over. Got diamond promos 3 times this season and didnt get it. I really feel like the games are a coinflip between the better botlane/jungler. No matters my score, I can being 0-50 that if we got 4 drakes and my botlane won we will win the game, same in the other side, I can get out hiper fed from lane that if my botlane lost we will just lose the game.
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