How im suppose to carry?????

People say that youre good you can carry.I wanna know how..Last game i did amumu jungler even if i took objectives hard gank etc in the end of game i knew that we are gonna lose..To the end i watched the dmg of my team.. lucian did worst kata did more worst and my dmg was higher even as tank..If i go tank i cant do dmg cuz im tanky i peel for them but they play like so poorly..If i go dmg there is no 1 to peel for me..Now i dunno how you guys say carry.. when your team is doing 0 dmg or 0 plays or even worst 0 team work. How im suppose to carry can i know?I must go always dmg just do carry or something easy like annie for cc..Dunno why people say annie is hard.. and yasuo is easy..i dunno why many say fizz need skils and yasuo sure..But i still dont figure out how to carry such "good players".If you good you climb ok i get it but how if youre the only 1 that have to do the dmg the tank evrything..How i must do that?I see many people in bronze silver and i understand now why but i still dont know how to carry them still dont figure out..I blame myself always but i cant do that evry game when i know that im alone vs enemy team.So how you guys carry?Or im the only 1 that stays silver and cant climb more?
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