Bad experience for New players

So I met a friendly guy in ARAM... He took every skillshot the enemy threw at him, but I could see he was trying his best, just too bad reflexes. He was spanish also, so I added to talk a bit. He explained to me, how he was honestly "Forced" to go ARAM, because people was crazy in Normals, harrassing him (In terms of mechanics , and also verbally) often. He felt totally "Bullied". (He is Lv 15 or so Btw, he barely began last week to play the game). It made me quite sad, to know that this guy, even though liking the game a lot (From what he said to me), he was really stressed and tired of the situations. Then I imagined, what happened, was that he found way many Smurfs, tryharding in Normals, or leveling up the accounts He obviously doesnt know what even Macro game is, let alone the mechanics, or what every champion does... He is playing Darius, Dr Mundo, and Tanks with not too many mechanics (Imho?) I swear it made me very sad, so I try to give him advice, and tell him to relax. He said he was impressed, because all people he met, was quite mad/crazy. **League needs new players, please do not let them get away at a first bad experience.** Im not 100% blaming Smurfs for "Bullying" real New players. ... But do something, so that newbies dont feel like crying in the first 10 minutes of playing a Normal. And sorry if ideas arent in order, I wrote as things came into my mind. **edit**: - I mean, imagine playing Monster Hunter , against the strongest dragon/dinosaur, with the starting items, and no knowledge of enemy. - Imagine playing MtG/Hearth stone, with starting decks with common cards, vs enemies with solid complex decks. - Imagine playing Counter strike, with Knives XD And enemies with Guns. - Imagine playing Pokemon, in competitions, right from the beggining, and with weak pokemons. ANd idk, I could give you many examples, but they dont come to my head right now, help me ... xD
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