This matchmaking consists of a monkey with a random button.

This is getting out of hand, honestly. First RIOT goes ahead and places me in iron soloqueue and silver flex. Sure, fair enough. I'll be able to get out of here no problem right? Here comes matchmaking bro. I mostly play normals with my friends (same rank as me). We ALWAYS (AND I MEAN ALWAYS) get matched vs plats/diamonds at least. And you might say well that's just to balance the teams. Yeah, our 5 silver/bronze players are totally equivalent to their gold plat diamond comp. And you might say well this is a normal game, as a horrible excuse, and that RIOT doesn't care about elo in normals. Which is still %%%%ed up, since it's unbelievable to me that it's impossible to find 7 more silvers to play a decent game where we don't get absolutely smashed by a bunch of tryhards (not even their fault tho, no hate). So we decide hey why not play some ranked? I mean we are average bronze elo, we should be matched vs people our level right? NOT EVEN %%%%ING CLOSE. And it's getting to a point where it's just ridiculous. Not a single game do we have the advantage. Not once. We only play vs plats. Are u telling me there are no silver players in EUW? I mean we all know the playerbase is dying (no wonder why) but are u kidding me? Riot finds a game in 10 seconds where people are absolutely different elos instead of looking for a couple minutes to find similar level players. And to top it all up they ask on some surveys: "Are you happy with the way matchmaking works?" or something like that. It's just ridiculous. So now the conclusion is I have to get to plat in order to be able to play vs silvers. Or the other option which sounds easier to me is inting every single ranked game to get to iron 4 and hope for some golds on the enemy team at least instead of plats. I will be trying this out and tell you guys how this is working out. Since RIOT doesn't give the slightest s**t about fun and all of this we will have to fix it. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} GG EZ
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