how to survive season 9

as riot games the best and richest company in the world procceds to pretend the game isnt toxic ,boards are alive,they care about the playerbase , the community is strong and healthy and even that riot support EXISTS ---- which all isnt true, players are left alone fighting toxicity in almost every game nowadays and this development has given the players 2 choices 1 you get banned if you talk at all in a competitive game or you get banned for having a score your teammembers do not like 2 which is for me and 90% of the players to turn into braindead emotionless zombies who are gazing into their screens with self hatred and only driven by pure addiction and supress every "normal" human reaction towards experiencing negativity league of legends in 2019 is the most horrible hateful and illness causing place to be and while riot games rules over the justice system with either unjustified harshness or without taking action at all (only knowing extremes) we all slowly realize that this company is the main cause of toxicity and griefing that i experience in my games it has become a meme in the league community that you basically take the sound and art department and thats what is keeping league alive at this point but its not a healthy "beeing alive" but instead the barely alive on life support alive and at the center of this is our lifeless buddy blitzcrank bot who is our substitute for a actual human beeing riot doesnt seem to think that the emotional abuse people are caused by their product needs to be dealt with in any way, or that at least you can tell someone the actual context because context doesnt matter and thats why every beyond evil person get to have 10 chances before the system takes action (if at all) if i as a player give context to a report system and it says "listen riot this guy wont reform ever" and i give the details on the situation it should matter more than just a report in after game screen as blitzcrank bot says "you have already reported in after game screen" ....which shows that it dont matter that someone writes the context AND it makes sense if you can count 1+1 together because noone looks into the reports ever...and if you get some generic message.... "we are sorry for you" " we cant let you know what the consequences for the guy who wished you to die 25 times will be" "we will investigate this " and because we are not total clowns we look into that guys match history which eventually is also proof of hard int or griefing and see that these people are playing like nothing happened the evolution of league is the very same as the evolution of a dictatorship and its influence on people step 1 : people fight agains beeing repressed step 2: people get punished for (protesting for fundamental rights/ freedom of speech and not beeing harmed for example step 3 :people realize that they are powerless versus a almighty regime step 3 :people turn away from all activities that are restricted step 4 league of legends 2019 humans dont talk to each other humans dont help each other the regime rules and its useless to seek change there have been cases of individuals getting "removed" for speaking their mind the propaganda (skins/music/new gamemode/ and e sport) are creating the illusion that everything is colorful and good riot games is a nazi company change my mind
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