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Dead Riot, I wanted to talk about Aatrox. I used to love playing him and about a week ago I tried playing him again for a few matches. Tried, because my experience with him felt clumsy and almost as if aatrox was bugged into being almost unplayable. I can ignore the fact he gets snowballed on really easily and doesn't stand a chance against most dominant top lane champions, but he really does have a lot of weird interaction and he feels clumsy. So I wanted to ask if there were plans for him to change him/ rework him, because I would love a less clumsy and frustrating experience with him. I think this experience may also be the reason he's one of the 10 least played champions or something (3% play rate, but a solid win rate of 50%)). Thank you for reading this and have a nice begin to 2016. Greetings, Zomyjordy PS: I don't think he needs to be nerfed/buffed, proven by his tough early game but strong late game and his solid 50% win rate. Just less clumsy
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