congrats, you actually manage to create the polar oposit of URF in terms of fun

i knew you would downvote this like hell but when most fo urf game end at 15th min by a stomp you knwo there is a problem so let me explain why AR URF is bad and no, **its NOT because of a crybaby argument like **"muh i can t chose my op pick anymore" the main thing that made urf fun is be abble to _chose_ a champion ** YOU LIKE ** because else : its all about ROLLAFCE. and i just got annie .... i dislike annie, i find her boring, she may be op build tanky because of the constant E and stun proc but i find her boring. and HOLLY FU-.. kitten ! **that was the MOST B.O.R.I.N.G game i EVER played.** even a matchup vs fizz is boring: sometime he died, sometime i died, it all depend if my stun was up while his jump wasn t . and oh boy you are on urf, any spelli not used is a dps lost. so yay ! just rollfacing on this champ i don t like.... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} FUN FUN FUN ! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} if you though urf was fun simply because it allow the bald guys to become challenger due to their higher gliding coefficient on their keyboard? or because you thought we where all _5 year old kid who just like pressing all their key at random because " pressing key is fun"_: sorry but no. urf was fun because you played champion you like, champion you know. champion you find interesting and with urf become hilarious due to the short CD. maybe he become a beast, ? maybe not ? (ex: rumble) but maybe he become one if played in another way (ex: annie tank) . but what you gave is is litteraly: **rollface with [insert random champion].** how can you even concider it "fun" ? (and since you don t even have bans its a100% pure lottery where some game will be awfull but that s another issue) but with pure random thing this became the most boring game mod ever created. even the ~~cs run~~ i mean " 1v1 " where you win if you get more cs or destroy 1st tower or kill the guy once is more a game were clearly some champ are better laner than other. edit: i ll also remind you that there is an aram community (similar to the dominion)and this URF was made FOR THEM. what s the difference between them and the other ? ARAM community (thoses who play exclusivly aram) create many smurf account to have a samaller champion's pool and instead of having 3/100 chanse to have a champ they want to play: they will have 3/16 ) so you will not avoid the "op champ spammer" edit2: i just made a game where i had vayne (-.-) and i curbstomped everyone. was i suppose to have fun by playing a champ i dislike just because i crubstomped ? if that the case why aren t the community only playing vs IA ? so yea, i m not making a rant because that man i lose all my URF games. i m making a rant because i can t play champ i like no matter if they are strong or not
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