Zac's reverted ult

Hey guys! I was wondering... is it just me or this zac ulti revert is an actuall garbage? What's the point in reverting just the ulti? Killing the synergy between the spells... What's the point in pulling 2 enemies close to each other (Q) and then knocking them away from each other (R) and just jumping like an idiot? Why? Old Zac had a good aoe combo that could one-shot the enemy team if u built full ap and "new" zac had so much cc and synergy in between Q and R ( u pulled 2 ppl close and then "collect" them with your ult). Furthermore, the "new" ulti had a great variety on how u wanna use it: u could knock enemies back like the old ulti if u just pressed R, u could hold R to then collect the enemies and bring them to another position or you could even use it as an escape tool because of it's cc immunity thing (you are immune to cc while casting the ulti and then you even jumped away form the enemy). This revert killed Zac totally imo. (Just a Zac main, dont worry about me Riot)
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