More ways to earn BE

This was probably talked about a hundred times already, but idc.. I think there should be more way to earn BE than just first win (which is miserable 50 BE) and champion capsules (mostly fkn soraka shards).. I don't know how it is still a thing, but I'm still pretty upset about it.. When you earn S- or better on a champion get some BE. When you get the most honors in team get some BE. When you win or lose a game get some BE. (just like it was in the good old days) Increase the first win of the day BE.. what the %%%% is 50 BE I'd have to get first win every day for 126 days to buy a 6300 BE champ.. it is just %%%%%%ed.. Champion shards should be worth more when disenchanted.. Wtf is 20%? Maybe even get more BE when u play unpopular roles like support? I don't undrestand why riot just suddently became so greedy with BE (IP).. it was completely fine before BE was added.. then all at once you added this %%%%%%ed greedy system to make even more money, like didn't already make tons of cash.. pathetic company.. ** EDIT: So apparently it is mathematically proven that you earn more BE than you did before with the old system.. my point still stands.. you need to be constantly rewarded for each game you play.. and even more so when you perform well.. it how you make someone play a game constantly.. It feels %%%%%%ed to play 10 games, but you've earned absolutely 0 BE.. at least not until you get that level up.. to make someone play CONSTANTLY you CONSTANTLY reward him after each game.. it is a simple system and every game every works like that.. for what reason exactly did you think giving BE every ~15 games was a better idea than just split it evenly to every game is not understandable to me.. Honestly I would rather earn "mathematically" less with the old system, than more with this new system.. if you can constantly gain XP then you can do it with BE as well.. **
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