Jarvan IV PBE

Just a short post revolving around the Jarvan update on the PBE servers. Can we not have some sort of AD scaling on his E to further bring him in the lines of other junglers, especially VI, As I currently see his ult buff on the PBE servers as more of a bug fix. That aside, he's not a tank anymore, especially in this meta as he has no sustain and a meager shield. Which is the reason he falls behind, we have had to adjust to a new playstyle where he doesn't hit the spot as much as other champions. I mean in comparison: * Vi Passive>> Jarvan W * Vi Q = Jarvan EQ * Vi W>> Jarvan passive AND Jarvan E combined with the Armor shred of his Q - Also does not fall off on low health targets. * Vi E>>> Jarvan does not have anything left to compare. Especially with the introduction of the new Sated devourer (if you choose to build it) And Guinsoos remodel. In which Vi can Aa E Aa E Aa and be at maximum stacks in a second. dealing an extra 460 magic damage from devourer alone and proccing her W 3 times. Those two items alone are plenty enough damage to last through the entire game. * Vi ult>> Jarvan ult on PBE (damaging all enemies) Currently her ult alone- If both are used in optimal situations- Is equal to jarvan EQR'ing through a team onto the squishy. That's not to say I want him to become overpowered or anything, just think it would be nice if you're trying to adjust him to this meta. Of course having a flat Bonus AD scaling on a skill with that much range WOULD be op. So can't we alter it so if his E lands directly on to the target, that target will receive extra damage from Jarvan for a few seconds? Or his next AA or Dragon strike on said target will deal an extra 50% damage. That way he actually HAS to go in to benefit from this change? It would also be lovely if his new PBE ult's standard would apply the same bonus attack speed as his E does. Without the two stacking of course. That would be lovely, thanks.
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