Downvote me ALL you want but ADC is damage is TOO High and I'm sick of perferential treatment

Every game its the same thing... ADC's get all the love... they got {{item:3026}} redesigned now with ADDED AD so they don't lose any damage. Don't see {{item:3001}} with added AP. They got {{item:2423}} for absolutely NO reason because Riot favour them over every other class. They just get so much love in this game, I am totally sick of it. I could build a full AP {{champion:161}} and STILL COME NOWHERE CLOSE to the damage that {{champion:67}} puts out with just 2 items ((Her Q still oneshots people)) and yet Riot do nothing about it because... "poor ADC's... they are squishy". But Riot can still continue to rape mages and give their unique items to everyone else. Don't see a GA for AP champs... Riot. The bias is real.
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