TFT seems to become more anti-fun than ARURF

I've been playing TFT on and off here and there, and the comp that I most love is blademasters, problem is with the recent changes it is literally impossible to hit 9 blademasters and the buff for 6 blademasters is practically pointless/useless at this point.. I've tried purposely losing hp to get first item pick on the carousel, I've tried also keeping a winstreak and maximum as possible hp, but have always lost because they just fall off at about round 4-5 and afterwards, out of all the games I've played (going every game for blademasters) i've won about 5% to maybe 10% (roughly 1 win in every 20-25 games, and even then it is a 30% chance to win to 70% chance to lose, not because I manage to achieve 9 blademasters but because the other enemies have no idea what they're doing). The more consecutive losses are made, the more frustrating the gamemode becomes, doesn't matter if its one after another, or spread out thru a game per day, just knowing the fact that you literally cannot achieve your goal is crushing, makes you toxic and rage, unlike seeing others with 4 glacials auto win, or 4 knights = auto win again.. even assassins you can pretty much get them every game and still auto win without an issue... on top of that, there's always that 1 player stacking upon 10 complete items while you have at max 3, that's just one sided game... tl;dr tft's rng foks u up more than working for amazon as a deliverer
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