Sometimes I just hate everyone.

"thresh no wards" "I just placed a ward, the enemy jungler must be here, he destroyed it." "i don't care" Sometimes I REEEEEAAAAALLLY hate playing with people. I ended up building damage instead of a full support build just out of spite (And because my adc was doing nothing), the Akali and Sivir I played with weren't exactly toxic, but they were really fucking annoying, swearing at people in French and shit like that. On the other side though, the enemies adc and support were really fucking cool, I wish I could have joined their team lmao, they were both awesome! ON THE SECOND HAND WHO FUCKING SAYS THAT I'M NOT PLACING WARDS AND THEN WHEN I GIVE AN EXPLANATION THAT THEY WERE JUST DESTROYED SAYS "I DON'T CARE" - YOU CLEARLY DO CARE BECAUSE YOU'VE JUST FUCKING ASKED ABOUT IT AEOIRGJERIOUGVRJ5TIOBG4W5JKTIOYSER5JKTBEWIORTJKVER5IOT _wakemeupinside_
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