Marksman Update.Are they going to add new items like in The Juggernaut Update?

If you guys remember {{item:3742}} originates from Black Market mode.So i'm curious are they going to add other items from the Black Market?From what i know there are only 3 items that have the right base stats for a marksman champion. {{item:3652}} {{item:3150}} {{item:3924}} New!: Hmm, if they are going to do the same thing they did with the juggernaut update i wonder what champions are they going to pick.From my point of view it has to be : {{champion:104}} (his passive could use a little bit of change) {{champion:15}} (she could use one more damaging spell or a passive that deals some damage.And let's not forget that she will get a victorious skin. ) {{champion:133}} (honestly she is good for jungle but she is squishy.She needs something to make her much harder to kill.Blinding might work against basic attack focused champions but spell dependent champions are harder.From my point of view the they should just turn the ulti into a toggle off/on.For example when the champion is Quinn her "E" disengage and when the champion is Valor the "E" engage.When the champion is Quinn her "W" reveals and when the champions is Valor the "W" should have a different effect."Q" and passive should remain the same .) {{champion:29}} (honestly i think this guy is fine,but his "W" is a little bit lacking.It could use a passive)
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