League of Cheese

Hello , Sunday Cake here , Gold 3 this season :D I wanted to make a thread about one of my favorite aspects of league , the cheeses :D You ever walked to botlane with your support and got destroyed by 4 people in the bush? or was it that 10% HP {{champion:92}} that faked her back and waited in the bush for 2 mins before bursting you with her ult? I myself enjoy surprising the enemy with these strategies , if it works it's quite fruitful in solo-queue(if you're tagging alone), and that must be my masochist side but i love being called an asshole and focused all game just because i made a cheese early My favorite cheese is to take enemy red or blue buff with {{champion:14}} 's Passive (you die doing it basically) and you tp toplane when you re-spawn , you get a buff and 2 extra potions / 1 potion + pink out of it and you'll have always more exp in your lane , especially if your opponent freezes the minion wave while you are doing the buff. it doesn't end there ! so because you took the buff early you'll have a chance to get level 6 before anyone in the game. you'll be 6 when botlane is level 4 or just got level 5. you can do an ult and take a {{summoner:4}} or 2 out of them , some cases you can take kills or Summs + kills if your team follows you good. So in the end you screw the jungler hard and the toplaner can't 1vs1 you because you have more exp and a buff (+2 potions) . and potentially win your botlane the lane too. it's med-risk high reward cheese. Got any good cheeses to share with the community :D? i'm interested :D
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