I'm slowly starting to get more depressed as I play the game.

So I believe there are some problems with this game. Before I start listing them, I will state my reasons for my posts title. This happens to me a lot of the time and I just don't get it how do people stay sane. I don't flame intentionally, maybe rarely sometimes because of someone not being "well" in the head and in chat. Flamers, inters, trolls, we all hate them but yet they keep on coming. It is all fine and dandy if it happens rarely but does it really have to be 8/10 games like this? I try my damn best every game in ranked and I get people that would say in chat "meh, I don't care about wining, lets ff and go next" T**HE F@#! YOU PLAYING RANKED FOR THEN**??!?!?!? 7/10 times I play well,, help jgl from other jgl invades, spread my lead, manage waves to my bidding and all that stuff and in the end every other role is feeding, no joke, every one of them is either feeding 8/10 games or stomping those 2/10 and there is **NO MIDDLE GROUND**. And then I go from like 6/0 to 8/10 because I can't do jack against the fed enemies, I may manage to get a kill but shortly after my death, my team gets wiped from existence. I'm not saying I never do bad, feed, be completely useless or just get carried, but most of the time I tend to do well. And those 7/10 games I do well and lose is not a pleasant feeling and it just depresses me from hitting that **PLAY**button again. Now about my beliefs about the problems with this game. Lack of utility supportive items and not just flat out stat boosts. I believe that we should have more interactive active items that we would want to buy for their actives rather than for just the base stats and passive that it comes with. Also another problem I think we can all agree on is that there is some tw#t in the balance team that literally doesn't know what the hell he is doing. Why can Rammus {{champion:33}} almost oneshot adc's wit close to no counterplay? Why is Garens {{champion:86}} passive is not fixed yet? he can just walk back and heal up, so the good trade you just did turned in to a bad trade. Why can Riven {{champion:92}} be broken just because she requires time and effort put in? she is good in any team comp and can be used as burst and dps or even tank. What is the counterplay to Evelyn{{champion:28}} when she pops up that Heart above me? do I dodge the point and click? walking back to your turret doesn't see like good design. Played against tank karma{{champion:43}} top and that thing doesn't die even if I have Grievous Wounds on her. I can go on and on about these... - What is up with new champs or reworks having these random stuff slapped on to their kit. Why the hell does a burst mage like Neeko {{champion:518}} have a 3 hit passive? Why is (was) Akali's {{champion:84}} invisibility so special from the other 2 types of invisibility (invisibility and camouflage) to not be targeted by the turrets? etc.. Everything said here is to get it of my chest so that I can actually start playing the game again and Thank You for listening. Good luck in your games, have fun and don't troll/int/flame for no reason or a dumb reason. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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