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So, as the title says, I need some help/advice - ideally from higher rated players. I recently hit 30, dived into ranked and landed in Bronze somewhere. After 1 win in Bronze I was put into Silver IV. Since then, I've been unable to find a win. I am playing jungle as my main role (I've got it every game so far) and I am getting off good early ganks, counter-ganks, invades etc. It doesn't always lead to a huge advantage or a kill, but typically I can blow the enemy summoners etc. I will try and capitalise on that small advantage with a return gank pretty soon after but alas, it fails. For any number of reasons. My laner is sleeping, I miss my combo, we get counterganked. Mid/top/support has roamed etc. I typically find the two biggest reasons are my laner is unresponsive, or another lane has roamed and that info hasn't been conveyed by my team member. This then snowballs into every lane losing hard af and then us losing the game. I guess, my question is, how the hell do I solo win games from the jungle with unresponsive laners? My play style doesn't really suit to be able to do that. I play mostly tank/support junglers - Jarvan, Amumu, Shyvanna, Warwick etc. Once I am behind it makes it very hard to me to claw back into the game. So that would be my second question. In games where I am behind, how can I get back level. I don't wanna not gank, but I also feel pretty useless if I do gank and I am behind. Especially if my laners don't react because then I just feed a kill to the enemy. So please, high rated players, impart your knowledge and advice on me - please?!
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