Help me understand how this works, because i don't get it anymore

First of all, i'll try not to complain about what factors become involved in winning ranked games and climbing the ladder. Im not saying i'm a good player, merely decent but that's not why i ask this. Take in mind the amount of trolls, afkers and feeders. I'm just abit confused how the pointsystem (doesn't) work. This is about solo Q ranked So yesterday i get my promotions out of bronze 5. I started with 60LP so i had to win 3 games to get to the promotions. I lost the first one and won the second, that's 4/5 games won so i went to bronze 4. The first match i win and i get 16 LP for that, so far so good. Now i loose 2 games in a row, and im back in bronze 5 with 75LP? This means i must win 3 consecutive games in a row to be promoted to bronze 4 again, 2 normal matches and 1 out of 2 promo matches to get back to bronze 4 again. That if i don't loose 1 match (_depending on what kind of team im in, based on my MMR against my teammates it decides how many points i loose, so if im unlucky i loose alot more LP then i have gain from wins in certain other teams_.) But if im unlucky i loose 1 or 2 matches and im back in bronze 5 again. And we start over again what i described above. It seems like im stuck in this circle for quite some time now, very reliant on my team, how high my MMR is compared to them etc. If you keep in mind that average winrate is 50% then it's pretty damn hard and you have to be on a very lucky streak to gain enough LP to be able to take a few losses without being demoted again and having to win consistently again to go back up in ranks. Yesterday i won 8/12 games. normal winrate is around 50%, i had 75% winrate, my personal scores are usually positive. In theory i should be gaining divisions but because how this game calculates it's point, with various factors calculated in it, it makes it to dependend on other peoples performance. I think a more static point system would resolve this, so that serious players are less reliant to the performance of their team. f.e. 25/30 points for a win, -20 for a loss. thoughts?
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