Why is Jhin the old Lucian

I fear {{champion:202}} was a failure from a design perspective and I fear he will need a mini-rework add some point in time unless you are going to cut down his numbers to a point he will be unplayable and their is a simple reason for that: #Jhin is the master of something yet a novice in everything else Basicly Jhin is from a champion perspective unique. He does something extreemly well yet he can do everything else above average and that's a problem: * **Artillery:** Marksmen naturallly benefit siege scenarios. Currently Jhin is probally one of the 3 best siege marksmen together with {{champion:51}} & {{champion:110}}. Surpassing champions like {{champion:81}}, {{champion:18}} & {{champion:222}}. An ult is enouge to basicly get a turret for free. * **Burst:** Jhin is a burst mage hybrid so naturally he will have access to burst damage. The first marksmen in his kind actually * **Utility:** Jhin provides a lot of utility and manages to keep on the level of {{champion:22}}, {{champion:110}} & {{champion:15}} * **Mobility:** A weakness he suppose to have. Yet he still isn't the most immobile champion out their mainly because of his ms steriodes in his passive. * **Range:** That a strange one, his auto attacks are shortrange yet his abilities are long range. It's a intressting combination that kinda covers the weakness over their. * **1v1:** He not the best add it. However he still has enouge selfpeel to pull it off versus most adc'. * **Kiting:** Ok it's not the master of it or anything. However that amount of selfpeel in his kit is enouge to not put him on last place. Overal he's not placed anywhere last. He's basicly above average on everything. It's the perfect blind pick that can adjust to every situation. How to nerf him won't be easy because I don't think it's possible without removing something out of his kit. If you don't want him to end as {{champion:268}} I suggest you come up with a solution {{champion:202}} mains. Currently he has a 51% winrate & a 40% playrate. He's litterly blind picked in every game even in high elo. The only existing counter to him is {{champion:267}} support. As far adc matchups goes he always goes even or wins them. It's basicly the old {{champion:236}} all over again.
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