Kayn Balance Ideas

_I think Kayn is pretty balanced for a recent champion, but He does need some tweaks. His Red forms seems to be much stronger. I think I already got the feel of him and I can say That He isnt op and does not need nerfs, but nor is He weak. I feel like His early game is bad and, If He gets behind He perfoms worse then other champions when behind, but, If He does not get behind, He can get ridicolously strong, but Lets go over his abilities._ **Q Reaping Slash:** His Q deals damage twice, is an AoE and late game has a low CD of 3 seconds, but Is not that strong. It deals little damage in blue form, and the dash isnt big. He should usually not use It to close distance and Its usually not a good escape ability, You can sometimes jump over a little wall and get some lead, but Its mostly used for damage dealing. It can deal a lot of damage in Red form mid/late game and even with Blue, but Thats cuz It is spammable. Early/mid game, His Q has longer cooldowns and, so the skill doesnt become rly good until rank 4-5 with 30-40 cdr. _**My Tweaks:**_ Blue form should get +10 damage every rank and give It 70-80% bonus AD scaling instead of the current 65%. **W Blade's reach:** His W is a skill that most people call OP. They call It a better Sion Q, but I think his W is pretty balanced, but could use some tweaks. His Blue form's W feels very smooth and good to play with, but just falls behind the Knock the Red form gives. The Red form Kayn's knock is pretty good, but is not a Sion Q, while It does not need to be charged, It does have a cast time and has a realively low range. Its not wide and is not long. In rank 1-2 early game, It does have a little bit long CD and low damage, while later It becomes pretty spammable with high damage. What I would say is blue form's W is pretty good, should not be buffed, but still falls behind. I think, If how skills work can be changed around in Kayn's kit, then so should be cooldowns. _**My Tweaks:**_ Red form W should have 2-4 seconds longer cooldown. (This would not just make Red Form's W a little bit less strong, but would make sure that blue form's W is a good choice too ) **E Shadow Step:** His E is an ability that most people overrate. It looked broken af and looks broken af, running over multiple walls? WTF? But isnt rly that good. If the enemy has vision on the walls, They can see you are in there and They see an indicator that kinda shows where You are. Also, If you try to escape, They can hit you and you lose the buff and cant go into the wall or get knocked out from It. I found It ridicolous that people can attack me, while I am in the wall, If they have vision. Its a fckin wall, I should be untargetable there. ( That is the piece that would make the ability rly op ). Its not the worst ganking tool, but nor is the best. I think Its pretty balanced, but there are some changes I think would make it better. _**My Tweaks:**_ The standard heal should be taken away and given to red form with a little bit better heal stats, while blue form should get a new buff on E, which makes so that in the first 2 seconds of activating, His E can not be interrupted by enemy attacks. **R Umbral Trespass:** _I could see most changes in this skill._ **Red form:** ult is said to be op by many ppl, but lets go over It. 30% Max hp damage ( He starts around 12-16% max hp dmg ) is 600 on a 2k hp ADC, pre-mitigation, post-mitigation It could be around 400. Max hp % DMG, so why not use on Tanks? Use 40% Max hp dmg on a 4k hp tank, Thats 1600 dmg pre-mitigation, but becaues of the armor, It can be reduced to as low as 600 dmg, which is pretty bearable for a tank, considering this is a tank killing ult and not just an ADC aa late game. Red form's heal is pretty op, Rhaast already gives Spell vamp and You usually build Death's dance, but the R has Its own heal too. **Blue form:** ult refreshes his passive, which gets reduced twice by the enemy resistances, so It usually falls behind Red Kayn's heal. His ult does have Base damage, but not that much. He is supposedly the assasin form of Kayn, but I can not rly see It. You can be killed pretty easly, You doesnt rly have big mobility, even tho His Q and E is there ( It just sounds good, overloaded kit, Yeh, doesnt work like that ingame ) He is just not that mobile in a fight and Blue Kayn can not use the Knock up mid fights to gain some advantage on a kiting ADC, while He can move towards the enemy while W is casted, Its slow is much easier to counter then a knock up, which slows after you fall down. Oh, I wandered away from the R topic. _**So my tweaks for R would be:**_ **Red form:** Give It a base damage of Let's say 100-200-300 (20-40-60 Max AD scaling), Tone down the Max hp scaling from AD a bit and Take away the heal It gives. Taking away the heal would be rly healty change. He already has rly much heal and his R's heal is enemy Max hp. This would not just make his R deal more dmg on squishies but sometimes even on tanks, while He would not heal as much, which is good, cuz It can be seen as pretty broken and on the other hand, It can make him more shit to play againts griveous wounds. If the enemy buys griveous wounds, the more heal your champ has, the more heal that gets mitigated, which is a problem with Kayn, cuz Red Kayn's power is in his spell vamp, so His heal power should be transferred over to other things, because, If everything on him is just heal oriented, then He is much easier to be hard countered. His kit should not wholly be built around heals. **Blue form:** His ult should have a little bit more base damage, then Red Kayns and I think either should get better scaling or current hp damage next to the base dmg. Instead of 110, 160% bonus ad would look better or make him get Current % hp Damage. Why current and not missing? His Ult resets his passive and does not deal rly much dmg by Itself atm. Its usually used mid fight, to mitigate damage, wait for cooldowns, follow/stick to an enemy and to reset the passive. As an assasin It could be made to be an assasinate ult and some ppl already use it that way, but I think his ult should be Current hp dmg. It is mostly used in mid fights as I said. Its going to be weaker then Max hp dmg, but when the enemy has little more then half hp, Its better then missing hp damage, considering his passive and other factors, his ult could not rly be cheesed by using on full hp targets. You could say, If It has current hp and not missing hp It could be bad againts enemies that have lower amount of hp, but Thats where the base damage is needed. Againts low hp squishies, the Ult would still perform good with curring hp instead of missing hp damage. _**But the biggest problem is that It would look stupid that an Ult that refreshes passive actually kills the enemy target, ofc You could attack an other target in some situations, but still. Looks stupid that missing HP Assasinate ult refreshes a sustain dmg passive.**_ _**This is just my two cents, but I think These changes would not make him op, on the other hand would make him a much more balanced an healthy champion.**_
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