Riot make rules for normal games, so that this never happens again...

Hey, I had a game a few minutes ago where our Lv24 Ori had to play vs a platinum 5 LeBlanc. As everyone can imagine, she got destroyed really damn hard, went 0/10 and did less dmg then our Rakan Support, but how can this happen ? When in the enemy team a lv 28 or sth is duoqueueing with a platinum, the matchmaking system is getting busy and is matching one person under Lv30 in the other team too. Now you could say, that this is okay, but its not, both lanes will lose and the team having the Lv24 or what ever on the mid lane or another important role ( everyone knows that its much easier to carry from mid then from adcs). So Riot, pls just allow players under Level 30 to duoQ with bronzes (and perhaps Low-Silvers) so that this will never happen again, its so sad losing a game because of such a matchmaking mistake, this is not fair. Your Loki
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