Sylas feels really squishy

Recently i picked up sylas and have played a couple of matches with him 1 mid game , 1 top game and like 4 jungle games because i feel like thats what he does best with his passive. I always need a REALLY big leash on my buffs otherwise when im done im less than 40% hp anyways , but then again i really have no idea on how to kite so ive started to start my jg with wolves since i can just solo that and proceed to red side. But the jungle clear isnt the problem since it gets better after the 1st jg item. I feel like in team fights you die almost instantly because of how squishy you are and the fact that E shield absorbs only magic dmg. Any suggestions for items to make sylas a little more tankier? I know that hextech rocket thingy gives hp and ap but thats about all i know.
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