[POLL] Your thoughts please: Is Diana still viable for jungle?

Hi all! A couple of seasons ago, I used to main Diana jungle. She was actually my OTP (One Trick Pony) mage b*tch {{champion:131}} Unfortunately, she got some changes to her spells and gameplay. Besides; dont forget to mention that jungle camps have some major changes too (remember those buffs you got from smiting jungle monsters?) So let me ask you a few questions: **1) What do you think of Diana's new attack speed? ** This is actually my biggest frustration. Before Diana's changes, she had a great passive attack speed. That has been changed now to her E, giving her a 3-basic-hits-attack buff that actually has higher attack speed than before. But that's just for 3 basic attacks. Of course you can use other spells to get a new 'attack speed buff', but actually I prefer just a passive attack speed without having me the rushy feeling to always keep that '3-basic-hits-attack' buff on. It was like: let's hit two basic attacks, and using the last hit for the Q-R-W-E burst on a champ. **2) What do you think of her as jungle role?** Before, I could finish the first jungle wave in one time. I mean, you still can do it now, but you have to do the red/blue buffs first, kill the scuttler etc. I could clear the jungle wave without any problems and it took me a few minutes to clear. Now it's getting more difficult tho. **3) What do you think of her in teamfights?** Diana has some great burst damage; she almost can OS a squishy champ. But what do you think of her in teamfights? She can jump in, and if lucky she could E five champs (time for a wombo combo!). I know you can build her tanky as well, so she can serve as an magey off tank as well. I'm curious about your thoughts on Diana! Please leave your comments below :) Regards, Tralux

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