"/Remake" feature question/suggestion.

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Hi guys, Regarding the /remake command. It's nice to see it in the game, though, it simply doesn't work. The time gap provided by you is way to small to see if someone is really afk. Just played the game where we had small trades and someone died [First Blood], then after the time provided by you for the "/remake" we noticed that someone is AFK and we couldn't use this command. I believe that it's really difficult to find solution for this issue but there should be something like additional check if the game is in progress and the time for "/remake" is gone, lets say i.e. if someone after that time will use that command the short script/check will be run to see if there is someone with level 1 [and ofc others are with much higher level], have AFK or DC status, if so the command introduced by you will actually work. What do you think about that idea? Also this happens often to be honest and we still lose LP points :/. If someone raised this issue and you already answered please let me know and I will do my best to do research and find it on forum :). Cheers, Ertie

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