Connecting ranked LP loss with mastery score.

Precisely: We all encounter every day games where our teams just suck hard while we play very good but still lose, even tho we had meaningfull impact on entire duration of the game, at the end we couldnt carried it. This is all normal, but its unfair to lose same amount lp as someone who played worse than you. Soo i thought it'd be a good idea to, when you lose, you lose less lp if you got a,a+ or any of the s mastery scores. This would enable players who acutally deserve to climb to be able to do so easier, and high elo would be much better shaped and be what it should, just as the low elo. Wdy think? PS: LP gain would still be the same, and LP gains/loss would still be changed according to the MMR of the match, this is just an add.
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