Current state of matchmaking

Captured with Lightshot
Hey there,i'm Cöld Brééze. I'm currently sitting in Gold V,and if you're playing ranked,I got a question for you. Do you think the matchmaking system is fair? Well,you see I got once to Gold III 73 lp and now it seems impossible to win games,even though before I climbed out of Gold V rather easy. My teammates don't have an actual idea of what is happening,an evidence being that screenshot over there. Like,i'm really trying my best in games but it's no use,there has to be someone that feeds everyone in my team.It just seems impossible,Idk,my win rate dropped so hard and my mmr is literally in flames after what I am experiencing. I know,I make mystakes myself too,but I don't just go in my lane and just feed everyone I see.I'm trying to play top to balance things a little,but how can I actually do something when the enemy team has the same amount of kills as I do? This matchmaking should be fair,not everyone can be carried,Riot.
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