About the Udyr changes on PBE

Lemme start with this : I am an Udyr main since season 4. Got around 3500-4000games on him. Played him in pretty much all his stages, be it phoenix tank powerfarm, phoenix ap, tiger ad, lethality, tank, team support jungler - whatever you can imagine. I think I understand his kit, his powerspikes, and what he stands for in general - as a champion. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/264509145766428673/588362950134464513/Screenshot_2019-06-12_at_16.43.57.png #I feel that the balance team is making a mistake with the current changes, and here's why : https://www.surrenderat20.net/2019/06/611-pbe-update-qiyana-arcade-2019-skins.html#balance I get it, that Udyr needs some more power late, since he gets outscaled by pretty much everyone as the jungle is currently. In the game's current state, and how Udyr was built, he is an early-mid game jungler. He is not that popular, but a pretty solid soloQ pick. Your job as an Udyr jungle, is to win the game as fast as possible, since you have no flashy lategame 5man stuns, AOE damages, executes, nothing. So with this change, you lose from your ability to close out games faster (early game nerf - to an early game champ), and a lategame buff (again - to an early game champ). I don't see how this would balance things out. Udyr CURRENTLY only reaches lvl 16 in 1 out of 3 games . Source : https://twitter.com/RiotJatt/status/1138493800009981952 So considering you go damage (which is currently the only viable path), in 66% of the games, you will be nerfed. Also, let's take into consideration that post nerf, you will have less power till lvl 16 - so the percent of games he will actually get to lvl16+ will be even lower. **** A couple of solutions that I'd suggest would be : * Open up the 6th slot at lvl 11. * Leave the tiger early scalings like they are now, and nerf the new post lvl 16 by 3% or so. * Put an AD ratio on turtle, the champ is played 80% of the times AD - that's the current viable META on him. Having an AP scaling doesn't make sense. Basically either make the champ have some extra durability and take away some damage from him (we're talking earlygame here) - or let him be and make him SLIGHTLY less useless late (compared to his current state). A couple of changes that I'd personally like to see (obviously balance should be applied to my ideas in order to avoid making him busted - AKA numbers tweaked and such): * Perhaps a % total/current HP damage on turtle (if max is possible at lvl 16 only) - making tank udyr a viable option. * Some % damage reduction on maxed out turtle * Some tenacity on bear either maxed our or not, depending on the balance team's views. * A usable 3 point ultimate (maybe something like Jax or singed - those 2 would fit him well - as in a slight defence buff, maybe some damage and MS buffs as well) , or a complete phoenix overhaul (it's just inferior, buff or no buff - vs tiger ) . **** He, as a champ, still feels nice, as old as he is. Kit isn't outdated, it's unique and it has a beauty to it. But in order to keep up with the new trends - as in champs with multiple gap closers / disengage tools / heavy CC - he could use some tweaks. In NO WAY I am suggesting a rework here. I wanna have the same experience while playing my fav champ. Lemme know what you guys think, I'm open for suggestions, critique. Any kind of feedback is appreciated - ESPECIALLY(/preferably) from people who currently have Udyr in their champion pool.

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