I need to know who did this

So I've heard stories about Camile becoming "unplayable" jungle, I was *there* when she was getting nerfed to "tone down her oppressive clear without hurting her toplane" BULLSHIT!, no one in my "elo", lmao, normal games, is playing her, so I, being the big expanding 5000 IQ brain decided to branch out from Lulu and Yuumi and pick her up early to be ready by the time she gets un-nerfed again ha ha. She is unjunglable. This champion has a jungler kit. A full jungler kit. Who at Riot thought it would be a good idea to make her *exclusively* toplane with the kit she has that's just bad design. So I did a bit of """""""""research""""""""" when I needed to "borrow" runes and builds, no one, not a single soul pro or high elo is playing her jungle, maybe 1 - 2 out of 20 games. Holy. Shit. This is thread is *not* meant to be taken super seriously, I just wanted to know the name of the big brain who stepped up and said this is such a good idea, and we are not going to fix it in a million patches.
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