Your opinion on 3 all-terrain champions

Hello everyone. Though i play lol for quite some time now i am new to the forums. I just want your opinion on what you consider to be the least amount of champions to cover all lanes. (I hope i am explaining it right). You see though as i said i play lol for a long time now, i never played it seriously. Meaning i am not really interested in becoming the best, just looking for a good time. My goal in game is (apart from the victory of course) to not be a burden to my teammates, but without spending endless hours in perfecting strategies. So i stay in the classic - blind pick section and after trying most of them, have chosen 3 champions with whom i can cover any lane, under a wide variety of circumstances. Having a specified rune-page and masteries for each i have optimized them to my game-style and know what to expect in most occasions. My choices were {{champion:36}} for top and jungle, {{champion:96}} for adc and ap, {{champion:53}} for support. Of course there are cases where the synergy with the rest of the champions of my team is not ideal. Or someone else picks one of the three. So i am looking for an additional all-terrain group of champions to expand my selection and... well... I've done all i could with these three so i wanna try something new i guess... So what do you think could be my new triforce? Every opinion is welcome, no matter how unorthodox it may be! Thank you in advance. P.S even though i play almost none of them i do hoard champions. I must have 50 of em just lieing around. :P
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