Diana rework

Ahoi, summoners! o7 First of all: 1. Sorry for my english. It's not my native language. --- So... Diana rework... I know that some of you are waiting for it, but I - don't. Well, not like I really don't want to see her rework. I'm just afraid that another one ~~bites the dust~~ of my favorite champions would disappear. And not just "another one", the last (and the first) and the most favorite one. I just don't know what to do, but I don't want just to sit there and do nothing seeing all this happens. **I'm really afraid.** Galio was the first in this "Dead List". Ok, but now he's a really cool guy. _But it's not him._ Swain. Well, he's now cool too, but again - _it's not him anymore._ Akali. My second assassin pick just disappears. (Yeah-yeah, I know she's strong etc, but I'm just a regular normal player and now my champion list is getting more and more deserted) Evelynn... Pain in my heart. She was my only best jungler that really teaches me play this lane. And then rework with statistics of the year... _" Evelynn is your best champion, summoner! =) "_ _But it was not her anymore..._ It was a new hero with new (and **only** AP) build. Now I has no jungler. And no hope for the upcoming rework. But I can't just be silent even if I know **how** it would ended. Well... That's all. Sorry if I waste your time. Seems this were the first and the last words in this forum from me. _glhf, summoners`_ _Your foreign friend_ _Lunatic Nim_ https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/359838812001796097/640140109299187712/unknown.png --- _The down will never rise again`_
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