9.9 The Balance team doesn´t know what they are doing

{{item:3152}} make the cost at least 350-400g higher than it already is, one of the most overpowered you can buy early and gives you great stats for such a cheap cost {{item:3157}} Remove the cd make it at least 150-200g higher and make the active duration to 2.0 sec from 2.5 {{champion:266}} In 9.9 the only thing good about the changes is his early game, his ult feels so bad compared to before. Don´t make his revive ms 99% slow, and the duration on his ult without killing anyone is so low. Aatrox cant really engage in a teamfight anymore because he dies instatly. Now he need to wait for your team to hope kill anyone, hope you got the assist and then you can engage, you don´t contribute a team fight. {{champion:223}} Nerfed W nerfed to the ground (His main ability what makes him uniqe, Now perma Q stupid kit and a bit tankier. {{champion:92}} and {{champion:67}} are broken becase of the runes and the new items. Vayne got the two item powerspike{{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} which is so stupidly broken, almost no counterplay at all. Riven has {{item:3161}} {{item:3812}} with conqueror's she becomes so tanky while dealing the same damage with you assassin build. Now Riot wants to rework them!!! Just Nerf their cd, damage and tankyness so its in a reasonable state in the current game. {{champion:11}} This Champion has to be the most cancer in the whole game, remove this trash character from the game. If you see what they are changing in the pbe, they are making his execute potential better than what it already is on Alpha strike. Good job RIOT and the list goes on, they are doing nothing but making the game more unplayable than what it already is
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