Does remake system need an update?

Ok I'll cry a bit here, but hear me out. This is one of the most disgusting experiences repeatedly happening in league and I'm freaking sick of it. I believe that remake system should have been in game from day 1. Riot needed years to figure a simple solution and implement it. And how bad or good is it...? It seems that remake system functions ONLY if an ally is disconnected from first second of the game up to the moment someone types "/remake". If he attempts to reconnect at any moment, remake simply wont work. Last game I had Jarvan jungle who reconnected for full 3 s to buy items. He then disconnected again and we couldn't remake. It stated that "one or more players should be disconnected...". It states by itself that it doesn't work. (Of course that was ranked and there was full LP loss because there is still no system that decreases your losses based on DC/AFK-ing of other people.) Current remake system is like a hatchling compared to what it should look like by now and I believe this is simply unacceptable. I'd also like to add that I am fully aware that configuring the system to check the amount of time being DC-ed is very possible and I don't think anyone in this community knows why a better system based on that (or something other if riot has a better idea) still isn't implemented. I believe that if someone is DC-ed most of the time from beginning of the game to up to 4 minutes, remake should be available nevertheless if a person tried to reconnect. Also, I believe a team should be able to make a decision to remake even after a person reconnects after 3-4 minutes. The team is very much behind and considering the difficulty of the situation it's perfectly reasonable to want to be able to remake. But, even if we disregard all the new ideas, this system should be fully capable to understand that a person who reconnected for 3 seconds isn't a reconnected player. Thank you.
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