Can we please be able to honor the enemy team?

I am not sure what Riot was going for when they designed this but why can I not reward good attitude of players on the enemy team? I have encountered some really exceptional people who are above and beyond what I would normal expect from mostly immature "I'm amazing and you're all sh*t" attitude of most League players. I normally do not commend people for their skill because skill can be earned by anyone with enough practice but for their attitude and grace when taking a win/loss. For not putting "gg ez" and being a total prat in post game lobby? (Yes, there are some more mature players in this game, its just blanked out by all the children). Why can I not commend these people for their exceptional attitude, ESPECIALLY when they have to deal with a toxic team member who has been harassing them all game and is rude and/or arrogant?
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