Gold was soooooo close

Greeting summoners! I hope you are happy about your final placement this season because I have thrown away my chance to reach my goal this season,which was gold league,and it was completely my fault. I understand it might not seem much but as an aging player who can dedicate a few hours a day and my struggle in silver 2 last season I was single minded in this pursue and would give me a good indicator of my progress on becoming a better player. This preseason I managed to climb up to gold 2 when I was at my peak and I hoped to replicate the same results once new season started but many things happened,the most relevant is I stopped playing for a couple of months. At my return the mechanics and muscle memory I built up during season start and preseason were utterly gone as well as part of my game knowledge and decision making. I somehow managed to climb up to gold 5 and plateau there. I wasn't playing as well as I should and I didn't have the same mindset when I started my mission,so I naturally start losing game after game,my MMR went so low i was demoted back to silver 1,two weeks later I was silver 5 0 lp. Completely and utterly defeated by my lack of purpose I started training and studying again for my goal,having amazing winning streaks going backto silver 1 a week or two from season end,the dream was still alive. As you have already read I didn't fulfill my end season fantasy,the greatest mockery of all is my ending placement: Silver 2, I was placed back to the division I finished last season. Must have been the destiny trying to tell me I have to get better if I want a chance next season. Do you have a story you want to share? Please let me know of your adventures on the rift,it might be a small consolation reading similar experiences from other summoners.
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