Games are completely out of my control

I'm starting to think I'm the most unlucky league of legends player ever lol, check my match history if you want. I am at a complete stand still, what is there to do. I can not pull win streaks together and it's undoubtedly not my fault. I even have under a 50% win rate when I am finding the game incredibly easy. The only challenge I currently face is to prevent team mates for inting, feeding, afking or flaming. A majority of the games though my team mates are just completely dumped on, they're clearly in the wrong elo and the elo is not even that good. I used to be able to solo carry these games easily but in this one shot meta it's near impossible. Sure I can get fed, get ahead of the enemies and help my team out but it rarely stops the inevitability that 3+ of the enemies will be incredibly fed. By this point what can I do, if I build full damage I get 1 shot by autos, so there is no counterplay to that. If I build a bit tankier I lose my advantage and still get 2 or 3 hit by the enemies. I can not snowball enough to compensate for how many kills my team mates are giving to the enemies. The worst part though? Because I'm not an idiotic face checker I just get denied my whole jungle, no one else helps clear with pinks or wards it for that matter. Gradually my advantage is just going and going until it's gone because I can't get any xp without taking a huge risk I tried to play those broken tanks but I quickly found out they're even harder to solo carry with because you're relying on your team more, for example following up on engages etc. A couple of years ago I could at least buy a sword of the occult and snowball my advantage further and further and literally solo carry. I really do not know what to do now. I'm just picking numbers out of the air but I think in my last 40 games I've probably lost about 30 of them. Only a few I can calmly say I deserve (or the enemies played well enough to deserve the win). The same thing happens every game whether I'm jungling (my main role) or playing another position. Typically I will do well, get fed myself or get team mates fed. Then by the 15 minute mark all advantage I've given my team is lost and I'm faced by enemies who are somehow as fed as me, if it was just one lane that's fine. Usually it's all 3, and 99% of the time one of those lanes is bot lane. More often than not it's bot and top, as a jungler there is fuck all I can do about that. Then the game is lost I flame a bit because it happens on such a regular basis and I'm fucked off with it now. I don't want to flame, it got my main account banned which was diamond early last season and I've reformed now. But this is driving me to insanity, there is nothing in my power I'm able to do. I don't even feel I can improve as a player anymore (that's not saying i'm that good lol) because I can't make plays when I'm left in a 1v5 situation trying to hold the gates. Granted some games I have met some great **PLAYER** (emphasis on the singular) but then it's still a 2v5 and we're in no position to compensate for the other 3. It's like 2 diamonds, 3 bronze against 5 platinums. I can't be expected to carry this hard just to get a win, either it's a matchmaking error or I'm just this unlucky.
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