Supporting in low ELO

Hey guys, I'm currently stuck in low elo (Got placed in Bronze V -> climbed to BI -> Demoted to B2) as a support main. I'm kind of unsure what I am doing wrong. Usually I end up with a positive KDA (supp wise), but I lose the game anyways. I know im pretty crap at warding but my mechanics usually are better than my team mates and opponents. All though I definitely have the feeling i often get matched with an adc that isn't knowing what he/she is doing, the problem is of course mine and I should improve. I've been thinking about finding a duo partner and playing mid instead of support, but I really enjoy the role and I won't stop playing it. As I'm pretty much a meta slave I think champion pick / champion pool shouldn't be too much of an issue. So, let's get to the point, anyone has any idea how I could improve and eventually climb? Some good tips? Also, the 'get gud' thing is totally true, but that hint doesn't seem to work ;) {{champion:53}} {{champion:497}} Greetings a desperate (:'D) Rakan and Blitzcrank player
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