Ohmwrecker need a Zhonya treatment

I think, and it have been verry important in the meta, that the {{item:2420}} Stop watch {{item:2421}} had one of the most important shift in the meta, the new masteries helped a lot, having litteraly a free one after some time. The problem is, Ohmwrecker {{item:3056}} is not played, where Zhonya's Hourglass {{item:3157}} is because of it's realy important active effect and being Armor AP. If Ohmwrecker changes his item path with a new one use 'Tower watch' with a 600 gold cost, it could realy improve the popularity of the item without changing his stats, {{item:2053}} being 900 and {{item:3067}} 800, we have 950 gold to spend on an item without an significant stat increase, reduce the combination cost to 350 with a 'Tower stop' 600 gold item and it's more worth to build it early in the game where it's the most effective. And rethink about an other thing, kills give 300 gold and 150 on assists without counting bounty, buying one for a kill isn't worth the gold unless there is a bounty, and it end to a minor lane advantage (wave pushed), shifting a bad matchup and helping comeback ! Edit: without counting the MS buff and the CDR, the ohmwrecker is worth 2150 gold of stats, the active isn't even worth 500 gold, 600 gold for a one use active wouldn't even be worth in gold, the lane advantage would be the only use, and only on some champions !

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