About what's not okey in league of legends..

So there a couple thinghs which made me write this topic ... Starting from champions who aren't anymore played like annie/ivern etc... , they are played very rare , annie was used to be played a lot ,but since riot reworked her no one play her anymore ... , ivern was a totaly useless hero as no one play it ... ,and it's obvious he will never be played competitive levels.. There are some issues too regarding adc life , i will not lie anyone ,i am an adc main but that no means is funny for me to play all time with the concern i will die or something, i am grateful to have old items back cause you full build faster if you play good and farm , but the problem always was about survivability ... , Riot you nerf every support hero , nerf adc runes in general fleet footwork was a quit nice rune for immobile champions... , and now it's quitly feels a bit more useless cause you need to trade with enemy to be effective ... or be at least usable , which sometimes is not that great , and gives you only heal back if you trade ,if you would have to stay and hit enemy and play it until death it's definetly that this would loss in front of lethal tempo, press the attack runes... , the problem is that as adc you no longer have that much sustain... for a rune who gives you heal only every 100 stacks and when those stacks load quitly hard... , and when it happens that you need to last hit a minion total wasted that rune.. , so idk maybe riot should somehow balance this rune , i liked it as adc but now i don't feel like it's anymore helping adc that much ... , maybe it's still good for who's diamond/grandmaster/master/challenger but for rest of us platinum/gold... still a bit useless cause fights are like all in ... ,not with trades and stuffs like this. There is another annoying thingh i don't like.. ,yasuo wall in a team fight stands up to 5 seconds ,i ask you now ,as adc what i can do ... if the lane is small or ,i can't rotate around to hit behind that wall , 5 seconds is quit much for an ability who blocks attacks and damage... . Then i would have to tell you something about runes ,there are some champions who afford now to be tanky early game , and there is leona w ,rammus resistance ,galio,ornn ,nasus sometimes... , some champions become extremly tanky early and they are really hard to be killed by adc ,regarding the new runes entered and you gived that bonuses you can chose ,adc still is weak .. , and there are more likely tank champions will benefit more than adc who get increased armor +6 ,or incresead magic resistance +8 ... ,since a tank benefit more than adc who would anyway one shot die.... if it's catched i don't see why everyone have equal bonuses... ,adc should benefit somehow of better stats on defence... at least this should be possible so we don't get 1 shot by 1 rengar,shaco,kha'zix, etc.. Also nasus slow it's quit high in late game ... , idk if someone notice ,but i barely moved after taking such a slow... ,my friend tryed to keep nasus busy ... so i can escape after taking an inhibitor, then nasus idk activated some item got some speed and slow me again , at that time i was moving like a snail ,escape that if you can... ,it's a little too long and too much slow after me. Adaptive damage ... is quitly shit on runes... , you get +10% attack speed instant bonus on runes , and the damage is adaptive?? ,really dumb to give 9 attack damage adaptive... And there is sure 1 more problem , gathering storm is a too good rune to make you go for something else ,every adc go sorcery... ,every ap go sorcery etc... , the problem is that gathering storm beside absolut focus no have any posible rune to be used in combination for someone who's adc... , now i know celerity was used sometimes more often on adc ,cause absolut focus request to have 70% + hp... ,i don't feel as adc that i need 10 % movement speed bonus ... ,as it's sometimes useless if someone just pop something on me and kill me , some adaptive damage works better in my opinnion for trades and winning lane...
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