3 Passive ideas for Varus R

https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/011/729/544/large/yan-kyohara-varus-remake.jpg This idea sort of came to mind when I was in midst thinking of how I could make Varus more mechanically interesting to play, or how I could of made his Blight more impactful as the game progressed. Each of these Passive's in the current order are unlocked per additional point in Ultimate. ###Thoughts on these ideas would be very much appreciated it. >R: CHAIN OF CORRUPTION >* [NEW] PASSIVE: Blightbringer - Attacking an enemy who has 3 Blight Stacks causes the next Basic Attacks or Abilities to become a Tendril of Corruption upon impact, which will cause the Blight stacks to spread from the main target to other targets over 1.5/1/0.5 seconds (based on ability rank) in a 550/575/600 Radius. >* [NEW] PASSIVE: Sense of Agony - Additionally upon attacking an enemy who has at least 1 Blight stack, will cause other nearby units with Blight stacks within 550/575/600 Radius of them, to take the same damage from Blighted Quivers Passive On-Hit Magic Damage (7 - 21 [+ 25% AP] ). >* [NEW] PASSIVE: Withering Touch - When applying an On-Hit debuff (Such as: Grievous Wounds) against a Blighted Target, will cause the debuff to affect all targets within 550/575/600 Radius. Things being removed in the process: * [REMOVED] ~~Ability Active: Tendril of Corruption applies full stacks of Blight over 1.5 seconds to the main rooted target and other units who are rooted by the Tendril.~~ * [REMOVED] ~~Chain of Corruption will attempt to spread even if the first target dies or becomes free of the snare.~~

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