I'm really stressed out, I'm on a four games lose streak because of others.

First game is this: I'm playing {{champion:268}} sadly I give first blood because I wasn't expecting {{champion:134}} 's early burst, our bot is doing really bad their {{champion:18}} is 5 0 by 7 minutes or so, I go for roam and I see {{champion:134}} at the dragon pit putting down a ward so I drift to her and ult her over the wall where our bot and {{champion:64}} were near, I ping several times but even doe our jungler is VERY, VERY close to landing the Q on {{champion:134}} he decides to go and take RedBuff, then {{champion:18}} comes and kills eveyone Fin. Second Game: I'm playing {{champion:92}} vs {{champion:75}} and I get REALLY, REALLY ahead I'm basically a killing machine, too bad our {{champion:89}} and {{champion:51}} bot fed {{champion:67}} so hard that she probably went in a food coma. Third Game: I'm playing {{champion:131}} jungle, and guess what? we have a {{champion:203}} mid, our bot is doing really fine this time but our mid keeps dying and I can't do nothing because he is always pushed to the enemy tower, mid game comes and {{champion:80}} keeps dieing because we have not enough AoE damage to win teamfight so he goes dead first and mid and top both end up feeding. Fourth game:I'm playing as {{champion:40}} supporting {{champion:67}} vs {{champion:1}} and {{champion:76}} bot, seems like {{champion:67}} is trying to make a collection of {{champion:76}}'s spears in the face by 14 minutes she dies like 6 times and our jungler {{champion:64}} can't hit a Q even when the target is directly in front of him, in 40 minutes we never got a gank bot lane or hardly any lane really meanwhile their {{champion:28}} was roaming lanes like an F1 Car. Geez, why do I get this bad fudgeing luck?
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