I think Riot should make 2-3 tiers of each new skin to avoid players disappointment

They make skins for us, players. What's the point if the skin doesn't meet players expectations? The most recent example would be Star Guardian Soraka. A lot of players wanted it to be legendary, to have new voice, to have more interaction with her per. And I agree. I think it's wasted potential and as an artist, computer graphic and player I hate wasted opportunity to make something great. My idea would be that from now on Riot would make some (I would love it to be each, but it probably can't be done) skins as legendary and then release it with 1-2 lower tiers versions of it as well. Their appearance wouldn't change, lower tiers just don't have new voices or animation or even effects. In the shop you would first chose a skin to buy and then a window would appear asking which tier you want (if available for that skin). Only one tier can be purchased, but you could upgrade tier later on with remaining difference in RP. Once you have Legendary version of skin you can't downgrade to lower to get RP back nor use lower tier in game. Let's stick to SG Soraka as example. The one we got is Epic tier, it has new model, new recall, new effects on spells. In my idea Riot would release in the same time a legendary version of this skin as well. With new VO and more interaction with her pet. Make it float next to her. Make them talk to each other. Make her wings to be used in her passive, new death animation. Maybe even release a 975 version of it too, with only new model and textures change, no new recall etc. What would this mean? **Pros:** - no more wasted potential - players can chose how much money they want to spend on a skin. Players who can afford it would spend more as they want the best of the best while pooer ones can skin enjoy a skin line, and maybe will spend RP in the future to upgrade tiers - it's not hard to make lower tiers from a legendary as Riot already have armature with animations, so it would only be model switch **Cons:** - legendary skins wouldn't be so hyped anymore - it would probably take more time to release skins There is one thing that probably stops Riot from doing that already. Voice actors. Bringing back them every time you make a skin for champion is a pain is ass. What do I suggest? Taking new ones, even amateur to help you. I'm sure there are a lot of voice actor among players who with pleasure would help with this for free or minimal salary. Why? Because it would help them get recognised. Helping Riot making skin in CV? Great! Just announce wha skin of a champ you are planning to do, let voice actors send you samples of their work. After chosing one make simple deal that you own everything, invite him/her to Riot base and record. And by amateur I don't mean me or some randon guy. But people like this one who have some experience but are not as famous. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afi3UVLx3ro I wouldn't mind skins have slightly different voice from base one as long as I get new voice lines
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