TFT Suggestions .. Should give XP after every game and RNG in items is quite bad

It feels so unrewarding after the game and forces people to play TFT only for the missions ( thats for League players ) .. its fun playing with friends but at least make it so we can lvl up ( it shows how much time you invested in the game). Also i wonder if there is gonna be major changes , cuz i feel it needs ? Here is list of what TFT needs: 1. New Tier list like Poison champions: Twitch / teemo / malzahar for example 3 poison ones reduce enemy champs attack speed by 20% 2. At start everyone should get 2-4 items (because sometimes people end with 0 items at start and meanwhile other player with 4) 3. More items like Zonya (will give a little bit rng) 4. XP after each TFT game 5. BEING ABLE TO SPEAK IN VOICE CHAT EVEN IF YOU LOSE (thats specially when you playing with friends) 6. Specator mode 7. Match history (so it will make people more interested in doing TFT cuz most of league players dont enjoy waste of time unless you are TFT player( replay mode ) so you can add it on highlights 8. Daily missions Thanks for wasting your time to read this post ! <3 Please comment your opinions ! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}**

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