Please Riot just try it in preseason!!

Please Riot, i know you guys have had your fair share of concerns when it comes to voice comms, but please just try it out during the preseason and see the responses and feedback that you get, if it gets a ton of complaints about how bad it is in terms of player behaviour then just remove it. Its been needed so much recently, its hard to communicate in the middle if team fights with pings alone. Edit: You guys dont seem to get it. Im saying to try it for preseason, see how it goes, I know for a FACT that so many of these keyboard warriors will just mute themselves and keep typing in chat instead of using voice chat when it comes to toxicity. And I say just try it for preseason because if it doesnt work they can remove it before season starts, it would be like an experiment, because right now everything you guys say arent facts, its speculations, thats the reason why I want Riot to try it.

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