Skillshots hitboxes are sometimes a bit off recently or is it just me ?

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Well hi everyone, let's face it, we all had a moment where we got hit by a skillshot that was really far away from us, it happens occasionally, and it's often just a feeling that we can have because of the camera angle, and the fact that the spell hitbox is on the ground, while the animation isn't. However, lately I had the feeling that this problem is occuring more and more often, and I wonder if I'm just underestimating some hitboxes, or if there is indeed an issue that may be the result of client lag. My internet connection is quite good, but not perfect, I have a ping around 40, and I think it should be around the same for most of the players I'm facing here in gold. I took some pictures from a game where I had to face a lux and reccuring hitboxes issues, I must specify that I only took the moments where I believed the spells where not supposed to hit me, but there were also moments where lux missed spells on my allies that, I believe, should have hit. I know that this is an old complaint, but it never happened to me as often as it does nowadays, often at least once in every game, maybe I'm just misjudging the real size of these spells, but I feel like they don't always behave that way. Since I'm playing the rat {{champion:29}} , I'm starting to wonder if, maybe, the tail is part of the hitbox :D

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