Sona now starts game with even less than 500 health! + even more unintentional(?) nerfs have hit her

{{champion:37}} With chrysalis (+50 starting hp) gone, she can now only get +15 starting hp from selecting the "defense" rune (+15-90 scaling hp), which puts her at 498 starting hp... Chrysalis also gave her +15 AP later in the game (after 4 kill participation) **and** taking resolve as 2ndary rune tree gave her scaling health up until +135 instead of now +90 max. This is too squishy for someone who wants to get close for doing her poke, she was already doing badly before and is hard countered by anything engage/cc. Nerf her Q dmg if it's **that** bad of a problem, and give her some health or something? Idk. She's barely playable at a decent lvl and anything is pretty much a better pick. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Pls Rito, give her some love.

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